Curriculum Vitae

Frank Uldall Leonhard
Leonhard Technologies



1982: Ph.D. awarded by the Technical University of Denmark.

1977: MSc. EE. from Technical University of Denmark

1974: BSc. EE. from Odense Technical College, Denmark.

Professional experience:

Managing Director of Leonhard – A company that has developed of a new model for auditory perception called Auditory Perceptual Pulse Analysis (APPA). The Model APPA is based on very important attributes for auditory perception. The model is patent pending and all rights reserved. Leonhard is offering license agreements and consultancy in applications based on APPA.
Research Director, Leonhard Research A/S.
Managing Director, Leonhard Research A/S.
Committee member of the Danish IEEE Digital Signal Processing Chapter.
Founding Leonhard Research – consultancy in speech, narrow band technology and signal processing. Leonhard Research has discovered important features in auditory signals.

Chief consultant at Danfoss A/S in the area, Information Technology in Control Systems.

Managing Director for BRUHN NewTech A/S – responsible for development, sales and marketing of information and data systems to the defence and civil defence.
External examinator at the Technical University of Denmark.
Division Manager of the Data Division in the BRUHN Group – responsible for development, sales and marketing of custom tailored information and data systems.
Development Manager at SamProjekt A/S – responsible for development of information and data systems for oil and petrol lorries. The systems were among others sold to Esso Benelux and SHELL Germany.
Project Manager at RE Instruments A/S – responsible for development of an optical reflectometer for measuring transmission characteristics optical transmission fibres.
Research and Development Engineer at the Danish telephone manufacturer GNT Automatic A/S – developing control systems in pay phones.
Scientist at Electronic Institute, Technical University of Denmark – carried on research into speech analysis and synthesis based on Linear Prediction and lectures in non-linear signal processing.

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