Do you dare to go new ways to achieve better results?

  • Frank U. Leonhard has developed a new acoustic model for sound perception of humans that reflects the way the humans perceives sound much better than traditional methods.

  • The model is using interference modulation and demodulation (IMODEM also known as APPA) as replacement for the traditional Short Time Fourier Transform (FFT)

  • Leonhard Technologies offers consultancy and software in the area of signal processing for sound and vibration analysis.

  • More than 30 years of experience in sound perception.

  • Many years of experience of vibration analysis of wind turbines and other mechanical vibrations.

Products for Sound and Vibration Monitoring

Leonhard offers a solution based on a new model, APPA, for auditory perception that is unique for sound and vibration (S&V) monitoring. The new model analyse the dynamic behaviour of signals such as oscillations and dynamic energy. The heart of the solution is the software packet that makes all the calculations, and makes it easy for other applications to grasp the results.

  • APPA is an effective and reliable way to S&V monitoring

  • APPA gives exact and detailed information about the sound picture

APPA reflect the way the ear perceives sound.

APPA is based on the following analyses

  • Oscillation analysis

  • Dynamic energy analysis

Many companies make acoustic monitoring and quality control of their product

  • Either by stroking the item and listening to the sound response

  • Or by listening to machinery with moving parts

  • APPA is outstanding to measure that objectively

  • APPA is very suitable for measuring distortion

The monitoring of parts is based on a Sound Picture Profile (SPP)

  • Set up a SPP reference for acceptance based on an analysis of a batch of good and bad parts

  • Sorting of produced parts by means of acoustic monitoring based on the reference

  • Simple pass/reject criteria is used and no need for neural network or other artificial intelligence are used


 APPA version 1.0

 Consultancy and training in using APPA for S&V Monitoring.

The technology is patented and patent pending.